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Akwesasne Employment Resource Center
18 Eagle Drive
Akwesasne, NY 13655


Are you an employer looking for qualified individuals to fill your staffing needs?

We continue to maintain a listing of available and qualified job seekers at all levels of employment, including construction workers, service workers, recent college and university graduates.

We offer a no-fee service to assist you in finding suitable workers for you organization:

  • Reduce effort and expense of recruiting qualified individuals
  • Increase your Native workforce
  • Build workforce partnerships
  • Develop a regional and international workforce
  • Onsite recruitment - we hold recruitment fairs to assist employers with filling positions that are currently open
  • Space available for recruitment and interviewing candidates

For more information, stop in or contact one of our staff members to learn more about how working with us can help your business grow.

If you are currently seeking to fill a position and would like assistance, please submit the following information and we will contact you.

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